India at 68, have we moved beyond pessimism?

Have we really taken the first steps to move beyond cynicism and negativity to an environment of hope?

As India turns 68, I find myself confronted with a strange dilemma. Have we forgotten the real meaning of independence of mind? Is our independence also leading us to be independent? Is there a contradiction there?

For the supreme sacrifice put in by many of our ancestors, we should remain forever thankful to them. We have gained tremendously on multiple fronts. Economically, strategically, but somewhere I feel we have begun to lose our moral sheen. Look around us. There is more negativity than optimism. There is greater distrust that we have within our local ecosystems. It’s these two factors that put me in a dilemma about the state of the nation

Great civilizations are built over centuries. India has been blessed to have some of the finest minds from adi-kaal. Whether it was science, maths or physics, Indian minds were way ahead of the rest. Now as we enter a new phase of the millennium, the scenario is looking more and more challenging for us. We need to figure out why we are becoming more pessimistic, cynical and distrustful of our own surroundings?

Prime Minister Modi has often talked about creating a completely new ecosystem. Last year he spoke about a ten year moratorium on communal violence, he promised toilets across the country in a years time for girl students, beti bachao, beti padhao were all great slogans. All borne out of hope. An year down the lane, as he will walk up to the ramparts of Red Fort to deliver the independence day speech, questions will be raised about how he will tackle the environment of cynicism which once again seems to be engulfing us.

Already images of war veterans being pushed around have been splashed on TV screens. How will he deal with the clamor for OROP? Opinion poll done by ABP news channel shows majority of people aren’t happy with Modi’s handling of corruption related issues. In my program, The Hot Seat on CNN IBN, Anand Sharma, former union minister made it virtually clear that parliamentary paralysis was here to stay.

In this kind of an environment, how will we as a nation move from the cycle of pessimism to possible optimism? The answer to this question could well determine how loudly and sincerely we say JAI HIND tomorrow  

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