Media and hypocrisy, the truth revealed

Hypocrisy of Lutyens Media


Ok, lets treat this like an open letter. To all my media folks


Dear Patrakaars / Journos


Over the last 24 hours, many of you have asked me this question on multiple foras. Why did I chose to come out all guns blazing in favour of what I      believe is the biggest game changer seen in India in a very long time. Offering of fourth generation of Internet services! Yes, its not rocket science to figure out what it will do. It will just enable our Internet content consumption to be of a totally different scale. It will hopefully take away all the buffering that we all are so used to! It will just give the Internet a very real time feel. All kinds of names have been attributed to me. I usually chose to ignore a lot of what comes out on social media. But the reason why I want to join issue with this irresponsible set is because the conversation is devoid of facts


So I get a call from a wannabe journalist, with the swagger of “ I KNOW WHAT JOURNALISM MEANS” Well, I don’t know what I have been doing for almost 20 years then. I am asked very bluntly, DO I NOT CARE FOR ETHICS OF JOURNALISM? It’s this ethical question that I wish to deal with in some detail. A lot of high flying editors have joined chorus with this brigade that journalism is up for sale. I do concede that its not really the best time for doing absolutely 100% meaningful journalism. But then, let me also say this, there never was that time where one could just do what one wanted to. Some experiences to bolster my point. I was once told not to put an individual on air because that individual didn’t suit the political interests of a regime at that time. I was once told to drop a big story that I myself had broken for a while because it didn’t suit the management at that time. I did it then, without even thinking about the consequences. There are many who have chosen to give me sermons on the virtues of journalism. There are many who have told me how journalism died the day they walked out of certain jobs they held onto. Well, my response is, that there were as many restrictions which existed then, which exist as of now. No responsibility can be absolute, no power can be absolute. At the end of the day, there were people who simply looked the other way when more than 500 people were sacked in one day. There was a former colleague who came up to me a couple of years back to ask me why had she been sacked? Was she not a professional? Was she not a deserving worker? I frankly had no answer then. Now having been away from the newsroom for an year, and just coming back into the newsroom on the basis of strong support from one of the best professionals I have known for a while, Rahul Joshi, let it be stated for the record! Those who are sermonizing or seeking answers today are the people who looked the other way till yesterday. The only difference is that the levers of power are perhaps with someone else today. Only point is that perhaps they overplayed their own hand.


Journalism is as much about accountability as is our desire to ensure that we get tea each morning with the right volume of sugar. (( No offences to those who don’t consume sugar )). To quote one of my colleagues, You cant be wrong for long in TV. Now that isn’t really a case of singing paeans for us journos, but there is a certain truth there.


So next time someone tells you what ails journalism, or what ails media to be specific, do broach these points that I have mentioned before you.