8 reasons why Modi needs to worry about RSS post Delhi


Modi- RSS Matrix: 8 reasons why Modi needs to worry about the RSS, post the Delhi debacle.
Smita Mishra



1. With the Delhi drubbing shattering the invincibility of the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo, the RSS is geared up to micro-manage the preparations for the Bihar elections later this year. The declaration of Amit Shah’s national executive after a prolonged nine-month wait clearly shows the RSS stamp. Dropping Smriti Irani and bringing in Sadhvi Nirajan Jyoti is no co-incidence. 

2. The first full scale budget of the Modi govt has created much unease in the RSS. The pro-rich, pro-corporate budget has added fuel to the fire. The image of a pro-rich govt goes completely against the Sangh’s plans to expand and consolidate its base among the backward castes, dalits and tribals, rued an ideologue. 

3. Amit Shah had a tough time in Nagpur explaining the land bill and its fall out. The government finally included nine amendments. Of these some were suggested verbatim by RSS affiliates like the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh. However, there is still pressure for more changes. 

4. If the land bill gets cleared, the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram  is ready with a movement against the bill on forest rights. The Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is the largest affiliate of the RSS and seems quite agitated with the legislation for denying tribals their rights.

5. The Sangh big-wigs hit the roof after Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s controversial move to release separatists. It has issued an ultimatum to the BJP leadership to withdraw even if any such thing happens again. This despite the fact that the architect of the BJP-PDP alliance was Ram Madhav, an RSS Pracharak loaned to the party for ideological reasons. 

6. The ongoing RSS conclave in Nagpur may choose to replace no 2 Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi with Dattatreya Hosabale. Though this would only happen if Joshi opts out voluntarily, the job of handling BJP affairs would be given to Joshi and not to Hosabale, perceived close to Modi. 

7. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has been given a long list of complaints about the government with the PMO as the prime ‘accused’. The complaints pertain to pendency of files, delay in appointment of Governors and ‘disinterest’ in the govt to accommodate people of the ideological parivar to key posts.
8. The non-accessibility of ministers to the common workers of the party and swayamsewaks is being repeatedly flagged to the RSS top brass. Party leaders have been asked to ‘fix’ it soon. The schedule of union ministers coming to party headquarters is being seen as a non-starter. Shah has now deputed ministers to oversee the work in states considered weak for the BJP. 

Smita Mishra is a senior journalist who writes extensively on politics and policy.

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