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January 17, 2016

Sunny Leone - its not just about sex for her

Like all my interviews, this time too, I tried to read up as much as I could about her. I found all kinds of things. Some held her high as an example of courage! Like how difficult her life journey must have been. I agree with that, it must have been one helluva journey. But that’s precisely the point. We aren’t really going to the cinemas to watch her because she is a star. And I might just add here that I haven’t seen any of her Bollywood films.


March 05, 2015

How the AAP founders were hounded out

Until 4 March 2015, this group was the flag bearer for the Aam Aadmi Party. Cometh the crisis, cometh apart this group. One a top lawyer and an anti-corruption crusader with “ultra left leanings”. The other, cast in a Lohiaite mould, with a formidable credibility as an intellectual! And then the man himself - short in height but very high in political pragmatism.  They were always together before television cameras. 


March 02, 2015

The Essar leaks case, journalism and selective outrage

The going continues to be rough for the community of scribes. Once again, focus is on whether the fourth estate is as corrupt as the political/ corporate class. As the Hindi phrase goes, "patrakaar, neta aur poonjepati, ek hee thalee ke chatte batte "


February 28, 2016


Like her or not, but you can't ignore her. What is it thats working in favor of India's HRD minister despite all the controversies?


February 13, 2015

For Mr./Ms. @Bwoyblunder

A response to an article that was put out on 12 February by @Bwoyblunder against me. One gets used to a lot of negative things said against oneself on the social media and I usually don’t respond to most things. In this case, I felt that it was important to put the record straight.