Why this website

Why this website


Across the world, journalists use multiple platforms to put forward their views. The big international players from the BBC to CNN to FOX to AL-JAZEERA use a combination of the television, the social media and the internet, to convey their views and interact with their audiences.

Having done over a decade and a half of hardcore television news in India, I am embarking on a journey that I hope will further enrich my journalistic understanding.

India is at the cusp of a change. So is every sphere that makes this country of ours - be it politics, society, the social fabric and yes, even the media.

Your support all these years has provided me the adrenalin to keep going. This platform is an attempt to keep providing you with the best of political news and views.

Here is to the beginning of a new journey. 

Bhupendra Chaubey

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